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Reference # : 14-04611 Title : Linux/Unix Systems Administrator
Location : New York, NY
Position Type : Full Time/Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 07/07/2014  
This position combines the role of UNIX Systems Administrator (Linux primary, Solaris) with production support DBA . As such, it requires a blend of technical skills and an ability to interact with various members of the end-user community. Note this position requires the ability to be on call for second and third shift production support for a week roughly every 6 weeks. The following is a breakdown of the position by role.

Systems Administration
This role is responsible for the engineering and maintenance of the environment, with an emphasis on our Linux platform including backup environment. The system administrator is also responsible for the hardware, storage, and other physical devices. Job Requirements as follows, but there may be additional tasks required as needed to meet the needs of the business:
  • Monitor systems performance. Review systems logs and other application logs for errors. Report issues to management with recommendations for resolution. Implement problem resolution procedures as necessary. Document changes as they occur.
  • Install and configure servers. Keep physical and virtual servers current and secure by applying Operating System updates (patches).
  • Document existing environment. Prepare diagrams using Visio and other tools
  • Maintain hardware such as network cards, HBA cards, disk drives. Install drivers, replace failed hardware, rack and stack servers
  • Write scripts and configuration rules to automate repetitive tasks. Collect statistics, and create monitors for processing.
  • Maintain existing scripts. Document changes; maintain current documents.
  • As part of the team, support the production during the business day and off-hours. Ensure production jobs execute successfully by reviewing logs. Respond to exceptions by troubleshooting, making recommendations for resolution and implementing same upon approvals. Take initiative when necessary to ensure the needs of the business are met.
  • Manage operating system user accounts with Open LDAP and NIS+. Add new users; ensure correct permissions based on application requirements and the environment. Delete or lock accounts upon request. Examine usage patterns, modify passwords, and ensure proper account access of administration accounts.
  • Keep abreast of technology developments. Research technologies that may appear to be useful for solving business issues. Develop scripting skills using shell, perl and other scripting language.

Database Administration
This position requires skills for supporting the production, QA, Disaster Recovery and Development database environment. Database servers typically run under the UNIX (Solaris/Linux) and Windows Operating Systems. Relational Database Management software is from Sybase (ASE 15.x), Oracle (8i 10g) and Microsoft (SQL-Server 2000). Job Requirements as follows, but there may be additional tasks required as needed to meet the needs of the business:
  • Monitor and maintain multiple database environments. Review performance data, space usage reports. Monitor error logs, backup logs, and other system logs as needed. Monitor production machines to ensure proper function. Trouble shoots issues, reporting to senior management with recommendations. Write scripts as needed to automate monitoring. Make recommendations regarding process improvements and implement upon approval.
  • Monitor production batch jobs to ensure proper completion. Trouble shoot issues, making recommendations for resolution. Implement procedures to resolve issues as necessary. Document issues for review by management.
  • Create scripts to automate repetitive tasks and create tools for new tasks.
  • Monitor changes as they take place. Resolve issues with change procedures, reporting to management with recommendations.
  • Manage production roll-outs. Ensure changes are documented and approved before execution. Prepare back-out plans prior to implementation. Execute scripts to install new database objects, users, etc. Ensure proper permissions are granted. Alert management to issues with recommendations for resolution.
  • Keep abreast of current technology and new trends. Develop SQL programming and database administration skills via self study and training.

Specific Skills
  • 2 years or more Red Hat Linux 4-7, with experience virtualizing RHEL.
  • Any Ubuntu
  • 2 years Solaris 10, Solaris 11 is a plus
  • Bash, ksh scripting
  • One year or more AutoSys
  • OpenLDAP administration
  • Veritas Volume Manager
  • Veritas Cluster Server
  • Perl is a plus
  • Python is a plus
  • Any Configuration/Orchestration engine such as Puppet, Chief or Ansible is a also a plus
  • Greylog2
  • T-SQL
  • Any LAMP is a big plus